Little Bo Peep on a rainy day…

Where is the summer?!

Although I’m pretty surprised with all this rain and gloom, I’m not exactly complaining. I’m a west coast person through and through and really don’t LOVE anything hotter than 30c. I noticed a huge difference moving from Vancouver Island to the mainland. The hot summers have been a little out of my comfort zone. I was thinking back to last summer when all 5 of us were cooped up in a small room with our tiny air conditioner just to cope through the heat waves! What a dramatic difference this year!

Rain didn’t stop us Bretzke girls from having SO MUCH fun today! We started our morning with our sight word song (today’s word was “like”). Once we were done singing, Emily got busy tracing her new word and cutting it out to add to our growing sight word caterpillar on our wall, cleverly named Bug! Later, we read Little Bo Peep. Once we were done discussing our nursery rhyme, I quickly printed out 12 of Little Bo Peeps’ lost sheep for Emily to find around the house. They were numbered 1-12 and had the current sight words that we’ve been working printed on them! Talk about cuteness overload! I must admit to a slight addiction with clip art lately! I may or may not have purchased an entire line of nursery rhymes!


After I’d cut them all out, I hired the eldest to hide them around the house! She asked for a yogurt tube as payment and was good to go! Talk about minimum wage!


One she had carefully hidden all 12 sheep, it was time for an excited 6 year old to come downstairs and get her special Little Bo Peep basket! She had been VERY patiently waiting in her room and was ready to get this thing started!

Ready Set Go! She took off running on high alert for lost sheep!


Within seconds came the first excited squeal! “I found a sheep, mommy! Look!” Right away she announced that it was a number 9 sheep with the sight word “mom” on it. She quickly corrected herself to the actual word, which was “mother”! I am noticing more of more of her self corrective ability lately, it’s really great to see!


After she’d found all 12, it was time to head back to the table and sort Bo Peep’s found sheep by number before writing each sight word down!  She did a fantastic job guessing the numbers and sight words. She got each one right except “day”, which is actually tomorrows sight word – so we hadn’t even worked on that one yet! She did great independent work on her writing, correcting herself only once on the word “are”… After we were done with that activity, we did a quick colour by numbers (using subtraction) and called it a day!


I think we will do more with this theme tomorrow. My only trouble is finding the time to create each printable while manning a lively 6 year old, demanding 7 month old and ferocious teenagers!

Ah, I do love watching her learn! 🙂


Sorry about the barrage of photos! Each one is cuter than the last and I just couldn’t choose! Now to look forward to bedtime! I think we will continue on with Charlotte’s Web and a couple of Bob Books. Charlotte’s Web is a story I’m currently reading to Bug Bug, but Emily has been listening in most nights. Bob books – I just don’t enough good things to say about those! We love them!

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