About Us

There are many,many websites out there about raising kids, but this one happens to be mine!

Due to a strong desire to preserve some of the special memories from my kids childhood’s, I’ve decided to create a blog. I have no idea what kinds of entries will shape this blog, or how often I’ll write. This is a no pressure kind of deal, which is pretty necessary when attempting to keep track of 4 kids!

Why Pumpkin & Bug?

I always struggle coming up with names! Ask anyone who knows me how challenging it was to name my children! Naming this website was no different really. After about a week’s thought, I settled on “The Bretzke Girls”. I thought it sounded cute and supported the theme I was going for, though sadly, it left out my eldest 2 children who do not happen to be Bretzke girls at all! When my husband Steve asked why I chose it, I told him it was because I wanted something cutesy. His response was “Oh? I’d of chosen something like “Smiley & Goose” (these are the nicknames he calls our 2 girls).

A light bulb moment happened right then and there! Pumpkin & Bug! Why didn’t I think of this before?

The history of Pumpkin and Bug…

About 4 months after we’d had Coral, her Dad and I went out and purchased her first bib because the drooling season had begun. On it was this cute lady bug with the words “Love Bug” below it. Well – I couldn’t stand the cuteness and started jokingly calling her my little “Love Bug”. Little did I know that  “Love Bug” would soon morph into “Bug Bug” with many other variations, including “My Little Bug Bug Girl”! It stuck.

When Coral was 9 years of age, we were cuddling up together about to watch a movie. After I’d asked her to pass me the remote, she turned over to face me and very seriously said, “Can you please stop calling me Bug Bug? I’m too old for it.” I felt that this was totally understandable, even if a part of me felt a little crushed! As such, it was really no big deal to respond with a “Sure honey, I won’t call you that again, thank you for letting me know how you feel.” Well! Wouldn’t you know, the very next day she came up to me and shyly said “Mommy, I’d actually really like you to keep calling me Bug Bug.” Now, at 11 years old, I’ll ask periodically if she’d like me to stop, upon which she always gives a very clear “No!”

What about Pumpkin?

Mila, my youngest little honey, was born in the fall. I LOVE the fall. It is absolutely my favourite season! I love the scents, the leaves, the beautiful colours, bribing Steve to get pumpkin spice latte’s every weekend, and of course, pumpkins!

Not long after Mila was born, I started thinking what a perfect little pumpkin head she had! Especially while she slept! It’s absolutely the cutest thing ever! A thought in my mind soon turned into a verbal, “Hello my little Pumpkin!”

So there you have it. My little Pumpkin & Bug!

There was also Goose for Emily and Jaida Jade for Jai, but that’s another story!

  • Kristina